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Internal Halls and Garden

Internal Halls

Internal Halls - Villa Pellegrini Cipolla

Solutions for wedding receptions and events up to 250 people

The main structure of the villa consists of 2 floors with 22 rooms decorated and frescoed from 10 to 90 people each, with a total capacity of 250 persons.

The monumental marble staircase gives access to the main hall decorated with frescoes depicting expansive landscapes, mythological and pastoral scenes.

The central hall is decorated with important frescoes on both walls and further enriched with mythological statues. The hall of chinoiserie is characterized by frescoes of scenes of life resort in oriental costumes.
The White Room is characterized by white plaster surfaces that make it exceptionally bright

The Garden

The Garden - Villa Pellegrini Cipolla

The solution for wedding receptions and events up to 1.000 people

 Villa Pellegrini Cipolla is situated inside a large park of over 20.000 square meters with an endless garden. The large park surrounding  the villa recalls the style of Versailles: elegant trimmed hedges and trees that offers secluded corners for welcome drinks, cocktail buffet, wedding receptions and relax areas.

Our romantic Italian style garden represents a green oasis of beauty and tranquility, the perfect frame for an unforgettable event.

Where we are

Where we are - Villa Pellegrini Cipolla

Piazza Vittorio Veneto 21, Castion di Costermano (Verona) Italy