Villa Pellegrini Cipolla (Lake Garda - Verona - Italy)

Villa Pellegrini Cipolla (Lake Garda - Verona - Italy) - Villa Pellegrini Cipolla

Villa Pellegrini Cipolla is a wonderful patrician residence surrounded by a vast Italian-style garden. The Villa is located in the small and picturesque village of Castion Veronese near Costermano, between Lake Garda and the slopes of Monte Baldo, in Verona province.

Built on 1760, on the basis of the design by Ignazio Pellegrini, the villa is equipped with all the facilities that can turn your event into a great success.

Villa Pellegrini Cipolla is one of the most important examples of Enlightenment in Verona and expresses its architectural value through a harmonic connection of the villa, garden and park with nature. The large park surrounding the villa recalls the style of Versailles: elegant trimmed hedges and trees that offers secluded corners for welcome drinks, receptions and relaxation areas.

The Villa is composed by two main flats with 22 internal halls that can host from 10 up to 90 people each. The halls, decorated in baroque style with beautiful frescos, depict rustic views of holiday life.

Napoleone Bonaparte and Luigi Einaudi are among the illustrious guests that this villa welcomed during the course of centuries. During the battle of Rivoli, the Villa was for example residence of Napoleone.Luigi Einaudi, president of the Republic and his wife often rested in its rooms during their stay in Verona.

The villa has been recently restored and nowadays the park and the halls of the Villa are the perfect setting for any type of event: wedding receptions, gala dinners, meetings, show rooms, product launches, parties, fashion shows and cultural events. The environment and the context in which your event will be held could not be better.

The venue can be easily reached from Verona via the Brenner state road, the motorway junction of Affi, Verona Airport and from the Lake Garda.

Where we are

Where we are - Villa Pellegrini Cipolla

Piazza Vittorio Veneto 21, Castion di Costermano (Verona) Italy